Nikki Messick

My name is Nichole Jo ~
But many call me Nikki.
I married my best friend ~
His name is Rickey.

Since I was a little girl ~
I dreamed of having a home.
Where I was the wife and mother ~
With children of my own.

Elijah and Isaac ~
Are our two fast-growing boys.
They’re our greatest blessings ~
And fill us both with lots of joy.

Spending time with my loved ones ~
Makes my heart very glad.
Family- both immediate and extended ~
And all the friends that I have.

Being the middle sister ~
I get to experience the best of both worlds!
Older sibling, Younger sibling ~
To both of these fine girls.

Having fun with my sisters ~
Is something I like to do.
And writing little rhymes ~
Always makes me smile too.

I’m a “FOODIE” by heart ~
I love to eat, cook, and bake.
My childhood diary… ~
It shows all the food I’d partake.

Swimming, reading, puzzles ~
And playing board games.
“Chick Flicks” and “Dude Picks” ~
I like most genres of movies the same.

Teaching many children ~
Both at church and at school.
Letters, numbers, Bible Verses ~
And the Golden Rule.

I freely admit that I have tendencies ~
That might be labeled as O-C-D.
Although I’m a “perfectionist” ~
I’m as far as perfect as one can be!

Only God is a constant ~
He’s the same and doesn’t change.
Unlike the weather within Tennessee seasons ~
Where there can be a very wide range.

Although I’m a little nervous ~
To see what this new chapter in my life holds.
I’m also very excited ~
To sit back and let God’s will unfold.

I know that I’m going to need to take it ~
Step by step, day by day.
Perhaps I’ll get to share with you~
Here on “Bella Tre.”