Better Late Than NEVER

So I have to begin by apologizing to my sisters (and probably my husband too) because we were supposed to start this blog back in October… yes, as in four months ago! … and do at least ONE blog a month for six months.  Yeah, I have procrastinated in the past, but certainly not this bad!

When thinking about why I kept putting it off, this is what I came up with: 1. I believe both of my sisters are intelligent, creative, and good with words and that they both have something to say.  It is evident when you “hear” their words- whether verbal or written.  2. Although I love and admire this about both of them, I am also intimidated by it.  I don’t feel like I can always express myself the best or right way and may not really have anything people want to hear.

However, my love for my sisters and the desire for us to be close and connected outweigh the apprehension that I’ve had… it may have taken A WHILE to get me here, but hey, I made it!

… and now they might regret if I decide I like this and can’t shut up!  ;0)


  1. Jolynda says

    You think you may not have the words like your sisters, but you have great strengths and I love to witness them! Love you!