My Teeny Tiny David

david  This is my drawing of Michelangelo’s David.  I hung it in one of the hallways in my house.  During a recent visit from friends and family, a couple of my family members extended generous compliments and praise over my interpretation.  I was excited that they even recognized who it was, and that my attempt to recreate something came through with familiarity.  However, if I placed this charcoal covered printer paper next to the original sculpture, I would hardly imagine it would get any attention at all.

My sister, Jessica, traveled to Italy last year and her comments included something like this, “I could have stood there all day if my friend didn’t want to leave”.  WOW!  Could you imagine standing in front of anything for THAT long?  It must be quite remarkable!  As much as I long to see it one day, she must have really been able to see more than I would expect.  Her stories make me want to face one of my biggest fears and fly across the ocean to get some understanding of what is so captivating!

In August last Summer, I traveled to St. Augustine, Florida.  Jeff, Mackenzie, my Mom and I all got the privilege of dwarfing ourselves against an exact replica.  The plaque bragged of it’s being 1 of only 2 in the world that came from the exact quarry that the original’s marble was found.  It was built in exact specs, and Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum was displaying David modestly in the bushes.  They had to place the statue out of view from the streets, because this sculpture was causing accidents on the main road!  If the replica is this astonishing, the original must really stop people in their tracks! DSC07355

While driving down the interstate one day, I began thinking about these things.  As a Christian, I can give my very best explanation of Christ.  His beauty.  His depth.  But, no matter how articulate I am or how talented I am at painting a picture of Him, there are no words or medium that can express what someone experiences when they stand before Him themselves.

So, for all you that find Christians repulsive…  Just remember- these are our million 8 1/2 x 11 inch computer paper interpretations of a One-of-a-Kind 14.2 x 17 ft Magnum Opus!  Our human flaws and judgement could be your plane ride over the ocean.  We have kept you from the experience of your life, and we are sorry that we have failed you.  So, Please… Go!!!  See for yourself!  It is way more amazing than we can ever duplicate!  Maybe, with new and increasing amounts of experiences- we can make our “Davids” bigger and better and show the discouraged who Christ TRULY is to this World!



  1. daddy-o says

    This blog is almost as good as the drawing, i read through it a few times to capture the true feeling behind it, so true and so much insight into our pathetic attempts at being Christ like, some day we will all stand in his presence and be in awe of the true reason we are Christians…then our eyes will see the original design.. THANK YOU FOR SHARING..