Better Late Than NEVER

So I have to begin by apologizing to my sisters (and probably my husband too) because we were supposed to start this blog back in October… yes, as in four months ago! … and do at least ONE blog a month for six months.  Yeah, I have procrastinated in the past, but certainly not this bad!

When thinking about why I kept putting it off, this is what I came up with: 1. I believe both of my sisters are intelligent, creative, and good with words and that they both have something to say.  It is evident when you “hear” their words- whether verbal or written.  2. Although I love and admire this about both of them, I am also intimidated by it.  I don’t feel like I can always express myself the best or right way and may not really have anything people want to hear.

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15 Degrees and Sunny

As I was driving home from running errands one day recently, I heard the DJ announce that the weather would be 15 Degrees and Sunny.

I let that roll around in my head for a moment, and decided that this statement (even though seemingly an oxymoron) was the title of this Life’s Chapter.

God has been good to me, even when bad things do come my way… even when I am looking for His pulse in my life; He is there. Now, the majority of my years on Earth have been safe and protected. I have had many answered prayers, and multiple stories have ended well. However, in the rare times that I realize that I’m not immune to this world- I take great strides at remembering how I got through the last valley.

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Days Like Today

Days like today make it hard to hold my head up, hard to be strong. Nothing goes right, and there is still no one to come home to and vent about days like today. There is no one to hold me and console away the stress and wear of days like today. Days like today make it hard not to pick up the phone to find that lost comfort in a familiar voice. My entire body aches and I am exhausted, but my mind is relentless on days like today. Days like today, nothing from the past feels as important as my desire to have strong arms wrapped around me and fingers in my hair. It’s hard to find distractions on days like today.